© Maxime Sève

© Maxime Sève


"Seb Brun, an art of rythm both organic and mechanic wich strikes the heart of contemporary music" JazzMan”

Seb Brun hits drums, metal things few buttons, merging acoustic textures and electronics effects with a singular and rough playing.
He works on repetitions & stacking. Stacking universes, musics, spaces, speeds, images, rythmes, medias, sounds & energies..
Drummer, composer, producer, & programmer, he is an activist of an underground noise & jazz french scene.

He also spent time in Ethiopia, India (Rajasthan) & La Réunion to study traditional and classical music.

Since 2009 he drives is own label "Carton Records" and his own (often trans-medias) projects: Ar Ker, Parquet, Horns.

He used to play with IRèNE, Jeanne Added, Tilt's Joce Mienniel, Vincent Courtois, Le Bruit du sign, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Woland Athelic Club, OK, Batlik, Yasmine Hamdan, Liset Alea, Mamani Keita…



Seb Brun


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